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Update checker utility for Nvidia GPUs

EnvyUpdate is a free utility for PC devices created by an independent developer who goes by the name fyr77. This open-source software is for users who use Nvidia graphics cards on their computers. It checks for driver updates and notifies them if a new one is available for their specific model.

Similar to the Nvidia GeForce software, EnvyUpdate serves as a free and open-source alternative that users can take advantage of to check for driver updates for their GPUs. It’s also a portable utility and features a simple and straightforward operation that’s unobtrusive and works silently in the background.

How do I use EnvyUpdate?

You can use EnvyUpdate as a portable program, but it also gives you the option to install it if you want. When you first run the utility, it will automatically scan and detect your specific Nvidia GPU model, which it will display at the top. Below that, you will find details about what driver version is installed locally and what is available online.

If you installed EnvyUpdate, you can enable Autostart on system boot, as well as automatically installing updates for you. Click on the green button on the bottom right corner to head to the Nvidia site where you can download your driver update. Additionally, clicking on the three-dot icon will let you choose from either mobile or DCH (Declarative Componentized Hardware) drivers to download.

One nice thing about EnvyUpdate, unlike Nvidia's GeForce software, it doesn't require registration before you are able to check and download driver updates. It runs silently in the background and it will only notify you with a pop-up message when a new version is available to you, keeping your entire workflow uninterrupted and seamless.

A handy utility for Nvidia GPU owners

All in all, EnvyUpdate is a great and useful utility to ensure your Nvidia graphics card is always up-to-date with the latest fixes and improvements that each new driver update brings. It does so without the need for any additional requirements like creating an account first. It's simple, straightforward, and simply works as it should, and for a lot of users out there, that is all they ever really need.


  • Free and open-source
  • No registration needed
  • Simple and straightforward operation


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EnvyUpdate for PC

  • Free
  • In English
  • V 2.8
  • 2
  • (0)
  • Security Status

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